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  1. Happy Birthday Son :partypopper:

    1. C9 ThirtyEight

      C9 ThirtyEight

      thanks mate,it was yesterday but thanks anyway.

  2. Big Girl! Happy B'day! :) 

    1. C9 ThirtyEight

      C9 ThirtyEight

      Ey ey im a big boy now .... :P


  3. Happy b'day boiiiiiiiiiiii

  4. Enjoy ur birthday today with ur Family bro:)

    1. C9 ThirtyEight

      C9 ThirtyEight

      Thank you my friend

  5. C9 ThirtyEight

    Because my best score in a game was 38 . Thats why i use it. Normal i take my second name. Aëthen. Colin Aëthen Michiels. I have 3 names, Sushi, ThirtyEight and Aëthen.
  6. C9 ThirtyEight

    Css is still gonna exist too, we will have more players on css too if we get populair on csgo, people will vieuw our css servers And thanks to the staff team for the support the last days.
  7. C9 ThirtyEight

    Like i said, i runned own habbo for 2 years with 400 + i know the rules and others played 5 years habbo on illigal. We can do it with permission, if we dont get permission we dont do it.
  8. C9 ThirtyEight

    Its not Illigal if u ask sulake to open it u will get permission, if u dont ask u will pay for it. 100+ self made habbo's i never saw someone who needs to pay. But like i said, its an option not something i want.
  9. C9 ThirtyEight

    Ur thing if u look other habbo, 200 - 1000 players on each. It can be good for our community. I had a habbo with 470 players 2 years ago. Its maybe for kids, but i deserved a lot money from those (kids) they pay credits with phone to buy special items. Its only a option.
  10. C9 ThirtyEight

    Gmod, you need to ask calig, i dont have a lot of experience with GMOD, only basic. Maybe we can make our own habbo hotel for young people. We will become famous in 2 months around 150 people if we do it great, ill need some options, i think about a habbo / csgo rpg surf / rpg scout and awp. GMOD i dont know, doesnt look bad to try, but i cant say anything only give options. 100% i know its gonna work - OWN Habbo ( i can fix that ) (proof habbo.nl) - Own RPG Scout / awp CSGO ( i can fix that 25% - Zombie escape CSGO - Surf RPG CSGO
  11. C9 ThirtyEight

    I got everything ready to make the CS;GO Zombie escape, the RPG Surf for Cs;Go is almost done, need to fix some upgrades, for the people who dont know ( its a self made rpg with like knive poisen, explode, refill ( automatic fill from bullets magazine, we got 47 upgrades for the surf rpg in csgo, only need 1 more week to fix it . Im also thinking about making own surf maps. So if calig accept my work to make the csgo servers, i will begin now. Thanks for reading. Just give your command for what u want in the ZE / RPG CSGO, i can try to make dreams come true about anny funny stuff in server.
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