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  1. GLORY

    the title says it all, im back to css. not sure if im still perm banned tho lmao
  2. GLORY

    Reported for insulting
  3. GLORY

    Hello Event Manager can i get your signature?
  4. GLORY

    Only if we had more steamers
  5. GLORY

    Add more skill surf maps
  6. GLORY

    @Tariq welp, hopefully we get big enough to have an insta account
  7. GLORY

    Hello Csfrag folks, This suggestion is about opening an instagram account, we can post a lot of cs-frags stuff like announcements and funny stuff from css, art work and more! i already have @CsFrag on ig and im ready to run that username in a new account, and make new friends out there. +1 if you agree
  8. GLORY

    i also have 50k followers on ig but it's not gaming related account lol
  9. GLORY

    @TheNoclipper thanks, and im sure it's not because of plugging the headphones pin into the usb input (it's really not lol)
  10. GLORY

    Hello everyone, first of all im not leaving don't worry i just wanted to say that i cant be on CSS for a short time, cuz my laptop is under the warranty's maintenance for the whole week (less or more idk) so hope u guys don't miss me and will be on css again @Calig @Tariq @Leda @VaNsTeR @XXExodus
  11. GLORY

    everyday, i pray for you to get skills m9. :U
  12. GLORY

    i will be on more than before, i always had that black screen while turning the laptop on and the flickering screen when you press a button with a bit of force, once my laptop get fixed and be perfect, i will solo all mako levels, kappa. @VaNsTeR also get surf neoplasma sick solid wr (seriously gonna do it) >:(
  13. GLORY

    gonna delete csgo.
  14. GLORY

    this is my fav xmas song
  15. GLORY

    @agenthottyshot No ( ◥▶ ل͜ ◀◤ )
  16. no u ( ͡⎚ ͜ʖ ͡⎚)

  17. GLORY

    Much appreciate your work guys, thanks
  18. GLORY

    Cs-Go sucks, thats all.
  19. GLORY

    Hugh Mungus wot??
  20. Name: Cemeni4 <<- 1 [pRoFi] (@$$$BOS$$$@) <<- 2 SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:1485018500 <<- 1 STEAM_0:0:1743888474 <<-2 Server:  Surf RPG Reason: Two players killing each other in empty server in spawn just for leveling (Demo will explain more) reaching more than 100 kills Proof: Demo : http://www.mediafire.com/file/gbq8gkmqx9boyys/cheating.dem
  21. GLORY

    practice will not help, he seriously needs to stop
  22. GLORY


    i warned him too when i first joined, he just ignored me and kept doing it. thx vans for the action
  23. GLORY


    this guy seriously have a brain damage