Adding Servers To CS:S Main Menu UPDATED FEBRUARY 2019   Want to get faster way to connect to all our servers? In this tutorial you can add servers to Main Menu of the game.   View how it looks like in Main Menu / In-Game          How To Do It
  1. Download 'MainMenu.res" attachment down below. 2. Move the file to following location:   Steam users: C: Drive / Program Files (x86) / Steam / steamapps / common / Counter-Strike source / cstrike / custom / your custom folder / resource /    No-Steam: First locate where you have installed your game, after: counter-strike source / cstrike / custom / your custom folder / resource /  !! This may not work for all cs:s versions. Your launcher may verify the game files before starting, so it will reset the files back to default !!   3. Launch your game!   If you don't have any folders in your custom folder, you can make one called "my_custom_stuff" and make a new folder inside it called "resource" and drop the GameMenu.res file in there.     GameMenu.res (Download)