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    My Interstes are: Boxing, Football and other kind of sports aswell.

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  1. Happy Birthday.

  2. ACE

    Basically over the years i have used : - KILLER - ACE - Wicked - Boss clown - Nuutzz These are the most ive used and were originals from me.
  3. HEY.....sry fellas i havent been active at all cz of my work.......but now got some free time and hope to meet u ingame again :D

    1. Lenny


      Welcome back m8 ;)

    2. Leda


      See you around!


  4. ACE

    The basement AKA Sex dungeon....
  5. ACE

    GET DED BY DAYLIGHT m8 is awsome....and exo i see ur gettin some goodd shit for urself hahah
  6. ACE

    Ya ik....gonna stay nosteam lil more.................... :')
  7. ACE

    DARK SOULS it is then.....we gonna beat that shitt.
  8. ACE

    http://cs-frag.com/topic/598-euro-2016/?p=4718 THose are ur words Bishhh noww give me The acc i won from the Bet.... U said if Romania doesnt win....ill give u my steam acc. FOR FREEE like that I JUST GIVE IT !! ! !!! !! ! ! !! ! ! ! UR WORDS BISHHH now give me the acc u own me neeb I GOT EXO AS MY WITNESS....
  9. ACE

    Biohazard map is a cool way thou....wats dark souls like /?
  10. ACE

    @FloriaNNN AHAHAHAH Floriannn u have deleted your post where u said u would give me ur steam acc iF albania won...Eveybody saw it that u said it....
  11. ACE

    hahahahahahah he broke his leg and got out the field.....ALBANIA WONNNNN
  12. ACE

    FLORIANN owns me his steam acc.....BET WON....ALBANIA WON WOOOOO
  13. ACE

    If albania wins against romania ....ull give me your steam acc.....OK THATS A BET
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