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  1. Gg, Happy B'Day! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Slayer <3

  3. Happy birthday :D

  4. Enjoy your special day B-day Gurl :P

  5. SlayeR

  6. SlayeR

    None can beat this internet.
  7. SlayeR

    Hello, Someone want very bad internet? Come life in Belgium than. greets
  8. SlayeR

    It's not beecause you don't like it, other people don't want it.
  9. SlayeR

    Yes zombie escape don't really need events because people want to play those maps more and more so they don''t get bored of the other maps.Also we really need to remove the old bad and bored maps because these are 100% overplayed, so people will search for other ZE servers with better maps so they stay there. Also you know why 2 times, so people will nominate other maps and not just the bored overplayed maps so there's more change of better maps. CS-Frag is a very strong and great community we can beat those other community's down but we need to do something about the maps. EDIT: If people need to wait till the weekend to play those great maps, they also will search for servers with these maps in the nominate list and will play there like you said Vanster, GFL.
  10. SlayeR

    We need to increase player population more, so maybe another suggestion we can put a timer on the maps so we play 1 or 2 times a day the same map? Also put the event maps in the nominate list, so people can play it, now as demon said maps are overplayed.
  11. SlayeR

    Hello, So maybe everyone knows it, but cs-frag zombie escape need better maps to increase players. For example delete old versions of jurassic park and upload the new version. Also remove bad maps so maybe you should install a map rating system so people can vote if it's good or not but they need to vote when map is allmost done and ready to change. Bad rated maps by players should be removed. Map rate: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=164455 ALSO use the webadmin so we can look online wich map is bad rated or wich is good rated. Greets
  12. SlayeR

    Sup. Why you guys don't open a GMOD game server darkrp or trouble in terroist town?? greets
  13. SlayeR

    CSS and World of Warcraft.
  14. SlayeR

    Euhm bad for me xD