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    League Of Legends, CS:S, Dofus Eratz 1.29, Chessmaster 10th Edition
    Games I used to : Skyrim, Oblivion, FORCED, Trackmania Stadium & United, Dofus 1.29, Wakfu
    Childhood games :
    -PS1 : Tekken 3, Crash Bandicoot 3, Overboard, Gran Turismo, Rage Racer
    -Game Boy Advance and Advance SP : Spyro, Rayman, Earthworm JIM

    Youtube Channels followed : CB Games, Ecomog Media Group

    Watching some LoL twitch streams often also

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  1. happy birthday :)

  2. Late Happy B'Day! Congraz :) 

    1. game's over

      game's over

      better late than never hehe ! thx max

  3. Happy happy Birthday!

  4. game's over

    Hey I just tried this server today cause i wanna try bhop. I want to know something : I tried few options such as autobhop normal legit, and i really get the impressions thoses options help you to bhop nicely. I wanted to know which option in !style makes you jumping the most realistic ? Ty
  5. st Germain , c'est ma génération ça  ..ptit con :P

    1. game's over

      game's over

      ahah et celle de mes parents ! ca a bercé mon enfance

    2. FRVincent


      check mon souncloud pt'etre qui y aura des trucs qui te plairont ....ou qui plairont à tes parents ;)




    3. game's over

      game's over

      Je jèterai un oeil :)

  6. game's over

    @XXExodus For mako, the map is limited to level 1 : I won the map, and nothing happens after. I wanna train level 4 (ex2), is there a solution ? Like something which can teleport me or... ?
  7. game's over

    Okay I'm gonna try Thank you Kayle
  8. game's over

    To be honest I didn't know that was possible. To do single player you create a private server, but are there those kind of zm map ? I know there are basic maps such as cs_assault or de_train but... What's the trick with cheat 1 and noclipme exo ? Sorry for my dumbness but I'm not a css player for such a long time xd Btw I just saw yesterday u got 16500 points ??? Damn that's a score Ty for helping
  9. game's over

    Yeah that's true anyway that was just for the idea, it would have some advantages but I understand it's not that easy. Smth which can be cool also is an experimented player/admin who creates a real topic on items (with pictures of items IG, quick descriptions...) but need someone to do it
  10. Hi Before starting i am writing with i phone so sorry if there are any faults. Its for the zombie escape server. So on this one, there are like 2 or 3 thousands active players. For such a big community, I don't feel like there are so much help topics especially from the staff. Anyway, there is a problem on this server actually about items. Indirectly since items work. I'M gonna explain : People always flame, or very often the bad using of items. It is true that it can be a real problem, in mako for example where they are pretty important. Therefore, people who are beginners or something can't really learn because of that. Since now, I personally don't use items to let it to those who know well the ability of items. Consequences ? I don't really progress in terms of item skill. Like a lot of other people for sure. Without speaking about people who picks it up and throws games, but as I explained I'm not that type of player. You gotta understand it's a vicious circle. Cs frag gets his own programmers right ? So I thought about a very very little server, containing one small map (not a lot of environment) in which one there will be all items. The goal would be to permit to players to approve their skill in a server without gravity in real time. Players would get better easily and stop throwing games AND in direct consequence a really better atmosphere in the escape server. Players would try items on a punch-ingball zombie, or why not a player who makes the role of the zm for the others players as humans, and every 3 minutes, for example, it's the turn to another player to make the zombie ? I mean a very little server for a huge utility. Thanks for reading.
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