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Bosses and Hitboxes

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Hello everyone, so here in this thread im gonna be showing you the real places to shoot the bosses( their hitboxes ). so first we gonna start with bahamut .


You may heard people while facing that boss saying " Shoot the shoulders " or saying " Shoot the pen*s " those are the  most known hit boxes 


Shout the shoulders : the hitbox is not realy in his shoulders its between his shoulder and wings but most of people use heavy guns like "M249" The gun keep going up, that mean most of bullet are going to the wing if you shout the shoulder 


Shout the pen*s :There's 3hitboxes down 1in pen*s and 2in both of his legs just close to his pen*s which makes it easier and alot better if you shoot down in the middle 


**There's other small hitboxes 2in his face and 1 in the chest**

here's image to make it easier for you



PS: thanks for kaemon and luffaren for helping me to know where are the hit boxes 


and i will add more bosses soon 



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