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Updates - May 8th 2017

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Monthly Updates (May)


Hello everyone!

Here are some of the new updates and changes we made for this month!


Zombie Skins / Member & Admin skins

From now on you'll be able to change your zombie skins to one you want (ZE).

This is not only for the VIP's but is also valid to every players.


We have also finally added own class for YOU lovely members! It has text in the back and it's different than regular players skin.

Both of them are based on CT Urban model. Perhaps we could all design a new skin for members together (?)

Admins will be now easier to spot with their own customized skin as well.


For VIP players we have added a new skin 'Nanosuit' and removed the Trench coat'and Alice models.




Freeze Grenades Removal

To make the game more fun and challenging we've decided to permanently remove

freeze grenades in our ZE server. Some of you might not be too happy about this idea

but we thought it's time for us to bring some new changes to boost the gaming style and




Steam synchronization and logins are now fixed. You can add your steam to your forum user from account settings. 

We also added new 'Steam' in profile page to display your activity on steam. Last played games, hours, steam status..

ALSO our websites are now SSL protected  (HTTPS)


New Maps

We're planning on becoming more flexible with adding new maps to our servers.

This includes all of our existing servers so if you have any suggestions,

feel free to recommend it followed with valid reasons and map download links.


New Event Managers

We've appointed some additional event managers from the current existing admins. 
These new admins includes @XoOM =D, @DeMoN and @Rix :V. So if you have any ideas or maps

you'd like to try out during our events feel free to contact them (as well as @VaNsTeR).
Events usually take place on Saturdays and Sundays.


GameMe Rank Reset
We'll be resetting all of your ranking points commencing from 1st of July. We do this once in a while

and we believe the time has come to refresh everything and start anew.
Don't worry, there will be some cool prizes (secret for now) to our top players so enjoy the game

and rank it up to the top before 1st of July!

Discord Server
As most of you are probably aware by now, we've established our community discord server.
It's like a teamspeak, but some says it's a lot better. If you don't have it, feel free to try it and give it a shot!
From discord you will be able to follow forum actions, whenever a new topic is made or new announcement!

So in one place, you will be informed of everything what's currently going on in CS-Frag.

Bots will be added later on.

That is all we we have for now!
Happy gaming everyone and we wish you a fantastic day!

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