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CSS/CSGO Zombie Escape videos

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Hello CS-Frag lovers,

For the people that still follow and love Zombie Escape mod, im here to ask you to support me on my Youtube Channel.

Why im asking this? Simply because I dont want this mod to die.

Make sure to subscribe and like the videos that you watch and ofcourse dont forget to share with your family and friends!

You can suggest me anything, maps, skins, etc! Dont be shy!


Last video that I uploaded


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Thank you Leda, I will try my best for new uploads, etc, I already have more to upload, but I will leave some space for the last one that came out, to give him some views and likes.

Make sure to subscribe and like it, and share it ofcourse!


Im not trying to be an "ego" guy, im just trying to keep you guys upadted of the mod, and making sure that this great mod doesnt die in vain. And sharing my experience in-game with you!

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33 minutes ago, VaNsTeR said:

I am already visiting ur channel sometimes:) Keep up the good work baka

Uh, thanks Vanster! Im trying to get more people to watch the videos, so people new could join us, I will put the IP of CS-Frag on the Video information! So more players can join your server too! But I cant do it alone, I need some help :) 

Thanks again! 

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1 hour ago, XoOM =D said:

Nice :) Subscribed :D 


i will inform you if there are any event so you can do more videos ;) 

Oh damn! Awesome.

Make sure to add me on steam then! (Link to my steam profile is on my youtube channel) 

Thank you a lot, I will try my best to give you guys my experience in-game!


I want to make a reminder that I dont want to be an "alter ego" guy, The main reason I record gameplay on Source or Global Offensive is because I enjoy playing the mod and I  like to share the map gameplay with people online.

And ofcourse, getting some kinda support is really helpfull for me to keep posting gameplays!



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1 hour ago, FideLink said:

Ugh, nice video man! Soo nice and soo god dem pro :PogChamp:. And plz, teach me senpai how to be pro ze player :troll_happy:

Ahah thanks Fidelink, I will keep uploading as I told on my last post, in a week or so, I will upload a new ZE video! I will post here, so you guys keep getting updated about the channel!

I love this mod, Im trying to bring more players to play this lovely mod! So this game wont die in vain!

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