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  1. Happy Birthday my friend AYHAM :D Sorry for late wishes :') miss you, see ya at zm ^^

    1. A Y H A M

      A Y H A M

      Thx mate its never been late :FeelsOkayMan:

  2. A Y H A M


    name : itsSoli :3 :O :p steam id : i dont know it :/ server :zm he is some how shooting 90% in the head with out even seeing me and he is moving like a aimboter i dont know what that is rly https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cWwROaTmXyteSm4XKDlEqzroC0CgPK3Q i dont know if the link gone work or not
  3. Hey, Ayham! Happy Birthday mate! :pepeD:

    1. A Y H A M

      A Y H A M

      Thank you  bro:w00t:

  4. A Y H A M


    İ think evry one here know that u r not scripter buddy İts just a small mistake and we should be able to see u tomorrow
  5. A Y H A M


    İts only cuz u dont know how to bhop doesnt mean that there is no legend bhopers İn the server Admins know better than u Learn how to bhop and stop annoying dude Grow up İf u r talking about me i like to say that Neon .saxy .abde.demon .fouzy .calig Saw me bhoping İm only joking when vanstar come And i think he know that
  6. A Y H A M


    Go and watch legit bhopers in bhop server How can they gain speed !!!!!
  7. A Y H A M


    1 the bhoper cant be so good in zmAS he is in bhop server and mg 2 if i got unbanned its good and if i didnt its not a big thing to me 3 if u think im cheating thats make me sure that u r banning about 20 player for no resson AS U BANNED ME ONCE BEFOR FOR NO RESSON 4 im not dennying im telling the truth that u dont wanna accept it cuz u dont wanna say u were wrong 5 my SCRIPT is ( LEARNING HOW TO BHOP ) if u wanna know what is the real script is go to youtube and watch some vids about it ( U RLY NEED TO KNOW THE DIFFIRENTS BTWEEN THEM PRO )
  8. A Y H A M


    name : A Y H A M STEAM iD :0:0:569476412 server : zm admin : VanStar simply he speced me while bhoping and he may thought that im using a script for bhoping that i dont use cus i dont need ( im bhoping befor 4 month and all the admins saw me and didnt do any thing )