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    hi guys i am arabic from algeria who want be my friend i am good playing in zombie mod

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  1. Ramez          o.0

    are that event for minigame ?
  2. Ramez          o.0

    thx it work
  3. Hello everyone i have a bug on the new mutated skin he is don't showed he is like a ghost walking and have trails yea i can know it with trails or his grenade plz fix. if u admins need photos tell me . and thx ^^ .
  4. Ramez          o.0

    i was alredy finded it and thx bro
  5. Ramez          o.0

    but the music of brain power sound not HD
  6. Ramez          o.0

    Thx H1dden
  7. Ramez          o.0

    The musics of cs-frag.com server ZM who used by Admins like : banana phone And thx all =)
  8. 3idak mabrok ya 5oya ^^

  9. Ramez          o.0

    tfu you are like a a peace of shit
  10. Ramez          o.0

    Hllo everyone today will start a new topic of new server : i want new server because the servers of ZM and ZE and Bunny hop they are null no players and nothing for any updates or any thing that servers are old and null . whene i play Teeworlds in server infclass of Stitch626 i feel pleasure because his server is very cool. Specifications of the new server : 1-The server must have classes and all class have a spcial power (medic_engineer_bomber_scientist.....look on the server infclass Stitch626 in Teeworld. 2-all players will have XP and Levels. 3-can use ZM maps. 4-can use the guns of the server infclass Stitch626 (pistol is usp -sniper is awp - hammer is knife .....) 5-have fun
  11. Ramez          o.0

    we don't speak here for team fortoress (sha da5lah ?)
  12. Ramez          o.0

    so,why i say classes ? idiot if we don't add special powers he will become ZM normal the classes is for the special powers