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  1. Toxic

    I meant to quote and say awesome!! lol
  2. Toxic

  3. Star Wars!!!!!! :D

    1. Vanster



    2. Lenny


      I thought there can only be 1 Vader?

    3. Vanster


      hes kist a storm tropper

  4. Toxic

    AMERICA (england) IMnot intrested in football .-.
  5. Toxic

    CS:GO,CSS,Heroes and Generals. That all
  6. Toxic

    Thx xoom for banana gun ^^
  7. Toxic

    Thx im gonna try
  8. Toxic

    Nvm i talked it out on tuesday
  9. Toxic

    I dont see yellow circle so i treid and dint work or i did something wrong or im blind
  10. Toxic

    Thx Itachi i was trying to find it everywhere
  11. Toxic

    Im trying to make AET clan for the signiture cause i like it So if i join AET i will order a signiture by the way when i equip AET clan i would like black color cause ims a Shadow
  12. Toxic

    XXitachi those skins are SoadY1991 using im using all his skins hes using u know
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