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  1. latelexi

    i support this.
  2. 420xlatelexiX420w33d :^)

  3. latelexi

    latefrag ???? :^) ps. paranoid best
  4. latelexi

    Migza is best youtuber and this mysterious G. Mestar
  5. latelexi

    The same, coz darkness is just the lack of light, so darkness comes as fast as light :^) Q: whats your favourite meme? huutista
  6. latelexi

    well my "high-end PC" is like 250€ nowadays if you dont count the processor coz its a bit better compared to the rest of the pc E: my gear (including monitors) costs like double the PC :^)
  7. latelexi

  8. Mitä vittua migza. Gambina is best. :^)
  9. latelexi

    I'm pretty sure, that its just your ram usage going over the top while pressing TAB, coz of shitty source-engine optimisation.
  10. latelexi

    yea, me :Heyguys:
  11. latelexi

    Top trim :KreyGasm:
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