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  1. Happy birthday beluga ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. AET - bELUGA

    Well im not planing to pimp that pc, coz im waiting for some parts for my laptop m8. Thats my dads pc the one Im using at the moment to play, but yes...its very shitty one. Probably the lag is a sign of upcoming core death or smth else soon
  3. AET - bELUGA

    :D I've been playing that one game for 4 years and that bug, The Bug, comes across for 1st time. Something inside of me is trying to convince me " u got some 20 euros left aside, there...there....use them"
  4. I have an issue, so I seek for a hand or opinion. When I press TAB (scoreboard) game freezes for few seconds. Its getting even worse - as I use to see the scoreboard almost every 5 sec. and Im pretty sure most of ya do the same - when I press it continuously (TAB) game freezes totally. I mean as a 3GB movie on a '98 PC. It takes at least 6 sec. until it fixes and my ping jumps from 40 to 200+. That bug happened 3 days ago, when I incidentally ran the auto-updater. There was no newer version of the game or any bug fixes, my mouse is just too fast and i have launch it at some moment Now I uninstalled CSS, then installed it again! Did that 3 times, changing the directory every single time. DIDN'T HELPED! I ran the updater a few more times, hoping it will fix itself - SAME SH*T! If anyone knows what can i do more or knows what the problem is, it'd be great to share a comment Cheers
  5. Im starting to get sick of that waiting! 4 damn weeks for 2 parts, so I can enjoy playing with ya again...shame on you HP :(

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    2. Calig


      Never say never.. :kappa:

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      JB plz. :kappapride:

    4. El Machoo

      El Machoo

      justin beaver and Carlings like HP°͜ʖ°

  6. Im starting to get sick of that waiting! 4 damn weeks for 2 parts, so I can enjoy playing with ya again...shame on you HP :(

  7. Congraz for Bday! :)

    1. AET - bELUGA

      AET - bELUGA

      Thank you a lot Calig :) Excuse me for the late answer

  8. Exams are like Vodka! It makes you inadequate but its all good when you make it to the bottom ;)

    1. Sinagrida


      Exams are like Zagorka :)

  9. AET - bELUGA

    How did I came uo to >BELUGA?! Before I begin, I want to state I'm not a dirty drinker! NOT DIFFICULT. Some 8 years ago, when the elite Russian vodka brand "Beluga" was introduced for 1st time in my country Bulgaria, no one knew 'bout it. In fact it became popular 3 years ago. I had relatives in Russia and every mouth they sent to my family some Russian goods as dark chocolate and sweets & etc. + 2-3 bottles of Beluga for my dad, who hates vodka ...don't worry, I took a good care of them. I didn't drunk them alone, but brought 'em to parties. After a while, my friends started calling me Beluga as a nickname. Even though my father said, my character overlaps pretty much the famous fish Beluga, to which the particular vodka is named. THAT FISH IS PRETTY DAMN SMART and most difficult to catch. Of course, Im sure Vid would be the first to say "haha natural dirty drinker" (thank you Vid), but I actually drink most of the time just for pleasure. Thats my story, the origin of my ign and my real life nickname
  10. I HATE EXAMS :x Get me out :D

    1. XXExodus


      I just finished 2 XD IKR ;_;

    2. XXitachi
    3. AET - bELUGA

      AET - bELUGA

      u just finished.....damn u :D I just got started