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  • EUFrag - Crab Game Tournament


    Did not get invited to this years wildest reality game? No worries! We invite you!
    Welcome to our Crab Game Tournament!

    "Crab Game is a First-Person Multiplayer game where you play through several different minigames based on children's games,
    until only one player stands victorious."
    The game is available for free on Steam - Crab Game
    The game has partice mode, so get started!


    The Tournament will be held once a day at the end of this week, Friday 17.12. through Sunday 19.12.2021 at 6 PM.

    We play total of three rounds. Each tournament has room for 40 players at a time.

    1# First round will be only for fun and to warm up.
    2# Second round will be the official round, where the winner will be awarded with a random Steam Code and 2 months of VIP status.
    3# Third round we compete from silver place, and the winner gets 1 month of VIP status.


    We suggest that you try out the game before the tournament! Here's a little tutorial video on the game movements tips.


    - Make sure to download the game on steam! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1782210/Crab_Game/
    Familiarize yourself to the game levels and how to play them!

    - Join the Discord Event voice channel 15 minutes before event starting (not required, but we hope to see you there!)

    - Invitation code will be posted in the beginning of the event in #voice-chat channel

    - The winner needs to have activated forum account

    - We kindly ask the previous winners to be excluded from the victory balls (:

    - Invite your friends to this exciting gaming experience!

    - Don't break your cookie.



    Good luck! :pepeD:

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    Congratulation for the tournament winners!


    1/3# Tournament

    1st @FideLink

    2nd @JEPPE

    2/3# Tournament

    1st @Maxemore

    2nd @Rix :V

    3/3# Tournament

    1st @Vanster

    2nd @comex321


    Players on 1st position has been rewarded with a random Steam Game code and 2 months of VIP satus
    2nd position players has been rewarded with 1 month of VIP status.


    Thanks everyone for participating!

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