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  • 9th Anniversary - Events Schedule 2022


    We are indeed having community events for this anniversary! Make sure to join on our discord voice channel before event starting.
    Everyone is welcome to join us, and you're not required to use or have microphone if you don't want to.

    If you are wondering how did we skip from our 6th anniversary to 9th anniversary, continue reading the article!

    1st Anniversary event will be on this Friday 30.9. We are starting by playing on our minigame server, and after on zombie escape.
    2nd event will be hosted this Saturday, 1st of October. This time starting the opposite way, zombie escape first and after minigame.
    On both events we let members in our discord voice-channel to decide of the maps we want to play. Final decision will be made by a vote in-game.

    Both events are starting at 6 PM (GMT+3)


    Minigame map suggestions: mg_serpentis_temple, mg_stone_of_destiny & other casual multigame maps (Swag, lego, jcks..)             
    Zombie Escape map suggestions: ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_v5_2, ze_Random_v10_fix & ze_Pirates_Port_Royal_v5_6, ze_lila_panic_escape_v3_1   
    (You can also leave your map suggestions in the comments)

    During this week all VIP features are free to use for everyone and 2x credits!

    Those who already have active VIP, their time has been extended by a week.


      1st Anniversary Event                      2nd Anniversary event


    Little History About Us (Click here for short version TL;DR)
    Seven years has been passed since we turned a new page in eufrag history. Seven is a familiar number to many of you, but 'unofficially' this will be already our 9th anniversary.
    EUFrag was originally founded by player called Butcher, in June 2013. We met by playing in several different zombie escape servers, just when ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor was on, just like rest of the ze players back then. We had known each other for a while, and once Butcher told me about his idea for a new zombie escape server he was going to set up. I was skeptical at first about how it would succeed, as there were many other active zombie escape communities at the time. The server got a lot of attention thanks to active players and daily events. In the end, the server reached CS:S's top #6 most played server according to GameTracker page.
    Why is butcher no longer involved in the community? The first time he disappeared was in 11 Oct 2013 (or early 2014). He was last seen on the forums on 10 June 2014, after he disappeared without leaving a trace. At that time, we tried to get in touch with him and ask where he has been lurking. Despite his long absence, he did not leave any message about himself. However, that was the last time he was ever seen again. Butcher's probable disappearance is related to the war that began in Ukraine on February 23, 2014. According to rumors, he had a high military rank, which would indicate that he had to serve in the defense forces for a special mission. So to make this clear now, his disappearance is not because I just YOINKED the community from him, and locked him in my basement :kappa:.

    The servers were running for a year after Butcher's last visit. Server still had huge popularity and active players. However, a slight lack of rights started to be an unpleasant problem. Basic admins did have rights to change maps, but at that time mako, minas and other special maps were kept behind higher admin permissions. Fortunately, at least one of the staff members had been granted higher admin rights. T-Money was the leading admin of the community from the beginning. By this time, most of the staff members had already quitted playing actively, so in the end there was only me and @Stefan, whom were active until the end. The original staff consisted of nine members: Butcher, Kayos, T-Money, Me, Piffko, @Stefan, nseven, respec and Orochimaru. Later, The miguel, @SlayeR, @Reda@knives, Clutcher joined the group.

    June ‎2015, the time we were all waiting for finally happened. The Servers stopped from existing the next day we looked up from the servers list. We had already expected the day to come any time soon, and started planning together with the community members "The Plan B". We were not just ready to give up on our memories we had from the servers, so we wanted to find a place to continue the community. As myself being a member of the admin team for three years, and being one of the person who had previous experience of creating servers, the decision was clear. Several members were involved in planning "the plan B". To mention some names, let them be @Leda, @SnoWolf@knives, @Stefan, @XXitachi, and @ Tariq. Apparently someone else knew it too that the servers had gone down, and started competing with us by calling their servers after EUFrag. However it wasn't long before they were no longer heard or seen.

    May 2015 we founded ZMKillerz together with @Stefanand with a help from @Sani Messiah. We couldn't really use the name EUFrag, because the domain name was taken by a domain reseller company, and we had lack of basic rights in the steam group. I don't remember why we didn't immediately implement "The Plan B" together with the people mentioned earlier. Later however, this was done and the community was named #Hashtag-Zombies in July 2015 (Idea by @SnoWolf). I think we all still agree, that it's better than Suggested Pandora's box :D. After some time I started to think about the name and was hoping it would be more similar to the original, so we changed it just ONE more time, and we got the name CS-Frag (January 7, 2016). I told myself that re-naming of the community would be done now and for good. Despite of that, I was still keen on our original name, and wanted to get the domain back to ourselves. Unbelievable but true, On November 2018 the domain finally became available, and I was instantly hitting that purchase button. It took three whole years to get it back, and ever since we can proudly call our community again by its original manner, EUFrag.

    Now that we have been able to stick to our original name, it is also time to correct the number of our anniversaries, of how long have we really been on this journey together.
    It's been seven years since we first started something of our own, when the original servers was shut down. Nine years since the whole eufrag got its name. That for I feel it's reasonable to call this as our 9th anniversary.


    EUFrag was originally founded by player called Butcher in June 2013. In early 2014 he disappeared without leaving a trace.
    We believe his disappearance is related to the war that began in Ukraine on February 23, 2014. Original EUFrag servers stopped from existing in June 2015.
    After that we made "Plan B" together with community, and continued EUFrag legacy. I was one of the members, who had earlier experience of setting up servers,

    and I had already been an server admin of the community for three years, decision was clear. The members who were involved in planning were @Leda, @SnoWolf, @knives, @Stefan, @XXitachiand @ Tariq

    May 2015 we founded ZMKillerz together with @Stefanand with a help of @Sani Messiah. We couldn't use the name EUFrag, as the domain got reserved by domain reseller company, and we lack permissions of the steam group. After some time, more community members get involved by helping the community from the "Plan B". I don't remember exactly why didn't we start from the beginning like we planned. Community was renamed to #Hashtag-zombies in July 2015. In January 2016, the community name was changed one more time to CS-Frag.

    I was still hoping that one day we could get to be called by our original community name. After three years in November 2018 the dream came true. EUFrag domain came available to purchase and we managed to get it to ourselves. Even today we can proudly call our community again by its original manner, EUFrag.

    Now that we have gotten our name back to the original, it's time to correct the number of our real anniversaries. Seven years has passed since we first started something of our own after original eufrag was shutdown. Nine years since eufrag was founded the first time. That for I feel it's reasonable to call this as our 9th anniversary.

    What's In the Future?

    We don't know when the real end will happen, at least we haven't planned for it yet. We know that we won't be expanding from the current state. Possibly we are already reaching that point to minimize the server selection, and keep servers like bhop and minigame, which can run well without that much maintenance and effort. Currently we are planning to officially open up EUFrag minecraft network, as we have had minecraft server unofficially running for years. More information coming on a later date.

    Last Words
    Over the years a lot has happened, and we have already probably started forgetting some of the memories from the past. I can only humbly thank you for all the past seven(nine) years of friendships and unforgettable memories with you all! This project has had a big impact on my childhood, and I believe many of you can feel the same way! Special thanks to @ Tariq (aka. JOhn Fru. MAgick) with whom even today we have kept our community running, and allowed it to exist even today. I also want to thank @Rix :Vfor all the effort he has put especially in our bhop and minigame servers, for fixing and modifying maps for our own needs. You remind a lot of myself from the early days. Thank you! Huge thanks to all previous and current staff members who have been involved in the project, you will never be forgotten.
    Thanks to all the members who has supported the community.


    Thank you all <3

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    Nice post Cal! 

    I'd still argue that #hashtag-zombies was probably the smartest idea from Snow's dead brain. But Ofc... we all knew this was the dumbest name we've ever heard! 😂

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    after reading all those bunch of words , i came to a conclusion that i was never wrong "IT STILL CALIG'S FAULT" after all

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    11 hours ago, XoOM =D said:

    after reading all those bunch of words , i came to a conclusion that i was never wrong "IT STILL CALIG'S FAULT" after all

    !blame @SnoWolfor was it !blame@XXitachi:kappa:

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    11 hours ago, Calig said:

    Thanks everyone who came by! Was amazing to see all familiar faces after long long time! ^_^



    Was really fun! :D

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    So nostalgic to read :cwy: Amazing that the community lives on, definitely some dedicated people behind it! :D Enjoy the event, I can't join this weekend unfortunately.. Hopefully next time :D 

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