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    CS:S Dust2 Deathmatch | FFA

    [EUFrag.com] Dust2 Deathmatch | FFA | Anti-Cheat


    CS:S Dust2 Deathmatch server has been opened to replace CS:S ZE and ZM servers.

    You can join the server on IP:


    Currently the server is set to FFA mode with 8 bots, so it doesn't get boring when there's not that many players.

    FFA means that everyone is playing by themselves without any help from teammates. You may kill anyone you like,

    any time you like, however you like. There is no team killing, and you wont lose any points from it.

    The bots will vacate automatically one by one every time a player joins the server to replace the bot.


    One match will take 1 hour, when the map will be restarted and scores will be reset.


    For Future Updates/Changes/Testing:

    - Making the server Team Deathmatch +64 slots

    - Dust2 without DM enabled

    - Players suggestions..


    Connect To Server



    I also updated my tutorial of "Adding Servers To CS:S Main Menu" up-to-date, with our existing servers in CS:S.

    Check if you are interested! You may also add more servers if you like.


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