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Abhishek (tyson)

was thinking to buy this , good or any changes?

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I  was thinking to build a PC for normal 1080p gaming and  video editing too,

parts i decided till now 

i7 6700 ( non K version not interested in OCing )

gigabyte g1 gaming 1060 6GB ddr5 

16 GB DDR4 ram

b150 motherboard 

120 GB SSD

600W power supply 


costing around 1000 USD 


any suggestions for change? 

i never assembled PC before so its my first time

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4 hours ago, XXExodus said:

You realise that GTX 1060 if fully capable to run not just 1080p but Virtual Reality as well. Not to mention 4k.

i have no idea tbh  , just that i want to run games at decent playable fps 

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2 hours ago, pimpmyname said:

Power supply is too low for that High end gaming pc.

its just fine, GTX 1060 has low power consumption ;) 600W is more than enough :)

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