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What will U choose as earth's future?

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If you had to choose the fate of the earth, what would you choose from the following?


1. Atomic war like in Fallout

2. Combine invasion like in HL2

3. Alien war like in Mass Effect 3


I'd go with HL2 :KappaPride:


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21 hours ago, XXExodus said:

I'd choose DOOM's scenario of a future inhabiting of planet MARS, and unleashing hell upon Earth.

Don't you like this lovely planet of ours!:cheerful::P:kappa


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2 hours ago, Leda said:

I'd like to declare a war on Calig by banishing every cats on earth.


wow, that tactic sounds kinda familiar. do you have german/austrian ancestors ? :P :)

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Unfortunately not! Although, I've had plenty of German beers and Austrian schnitzels in life (still do) so I guess you'll have to grant me a pass! :)

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Sure bro, such a good taste. 100% gourmet ! :D


but to get back to the topic, i will go with a nazi zombie apocalypse :sideways:. and to pick up ledas idea, dem zombies prefer caligs precious cats :doge:



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