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Collect ze map's songs

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I couldn't just get the shit out of this thread.

Cleaned by: @Calig :)


ps. Maybe edit your post and add songs that other members have found. ;)


This is all songs of ze that i know 


ze lila panic

1-this is the original one cant find the one in lila sorry :s 



2-barbie girl -aqua



3-pika girl -s3rl



4-everywhere i go -hollywood undead



5-blue -eiffel



6-benny hill



7-the bad touch -bloodhoud gang 



ze FFVII Mako reactor


ze Pirates port royal

1- pirates of the caribbean theme song



ze Dangerous water

1- protecttors of earth -two steps from hell



ze Saw final

saw theme song


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Ze fxii westersand


Two Steps from hell - united we stand, divided we fall


Ze Pirates port Royal 


Two Steps from hell - Fire Nation


Two steps from hell - Ironheart

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Ze pirates port Royal


Two steps from hell - Magika


Two steps from hell - Master of Shadows


Two Steps from hell - After the fall 

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Ze pirate port royal 


Immediate Music - Rising Empire


Two Steps from hell - Wrath of Sea (MASTER EPIC RACE!!!!!!)

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