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Chat Ranks

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The ranking is based on your points in the server. Who got the most points,

gets the first chat rank, and certain ranks can be only given to one player.

You can check your points using the !rank command.


Well, how you get points then?


You simply get points from finishing maps and making good records.

The points will be calculated in the following way; Each map has X max points.

If you're the only one who has completed the map, you will get the max points out of it.

When someone breaks your record, the max amount points will be devided between the players

that has finished the map.


So if the player got better time than you had, you will lose points

and in the worst case you will lose your rank! Here you can see the following ranks,

and number of players how many fits in per rank!



"1-1" -=[ The One ]=- Name
"2-2" [C H E A T E R] Name
"3-3" [Legend] Name
"4-4" [Champion] Name
"5-5" [Wicked] Name
"6-6" [Hardcore] Name
"7-7" [Veteran] Name
"8-8" [Fantastic] Name
"9-9" [Specialist] Name
"10-10" [Professional] Name
"11-25" [Impressive] Name
"26-50" [Honorable] Name
"51-75" [Talented] Name
"76-100" [Seasoned] Name
"101-200" [Goood] Name
"201-350" [Normal] Name
"351-400" [Qualified] Name
"401-450" [Trained] Name
"451-550" [Amateur] Name
"551-700" [Addicted] Name
"701-900" [Beginner] Name
"0-0" [NewbieName
I would like to give big shoutout to @@Calig for making these ranks and
coloring them letter by letter! :)

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Sounds cute, is this also gona be a thing for on the other servers?

Only possible with the timer plugin, so no  :(

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Only possible with the timer plugin, so no  :(

so this will be at course mg to soon? since it will have timer plugin to?

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