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  1. I think it's time to change the server... This isn't eufrag anymore and that's not necessarily bad. Eufrag died years ago and we saw it die. I don't think anyone actually misses Eufrag itself, we just miss the community, which was an amazing community and very active. Who misses the lack of admins, new maps, new plugins, new features, events...? I simply don't. Fortunately, quite a lot of people tried to bring the community back with csfrag and actually managed to keep it working. I missed this last year completely; I have no idea about what happened, but the servers are dead, so dead... It's obvious that many people just quit playing this game and it's normal. But there's something wrong here... No one else comes. So maybe it's the right time to make a push and keep changing how things are done for the sake of what's left of it, at least. I would start by figuring out how to manage the new server as a community in the very first place. Make new people stay, make the old ones stay... Old eufrag was a dieing, unmaintained server, with Calig alone with barely any admin powers, but people still kept playing there. Possibly half of what I said is wrong, so that is my one cent... Hope it helps. PS: - Don't ever remove xoom's admin - Count me in if you need more people to mute all russian kids.
  2. I'd go for a custom pc without OS installed. Cheaper, you can choose anything you want... I wouldn't give a shit about anything apart from the graphics card (be sure it's DDR5), a decent processor, asus/msi motherboard, an SSD disk(120-240 GB depending on the games you own) and 4-8 gb of rather crappy RAM (not more, it's simply useless). All this if you're just going to play with it. DON'T OVERCLOCK ANYTHING. PS: about the price, I have no clue on your country's pricing for this, but here you can get a good gaming pc for about 700€ and laptop for >850€.
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    MINIGAMES TIMER!! :why_u_no: :omg: :BabyRage: :WutFace: :KappaPride: #meme :doge:
  4. kind of off-topic but nightmare dimension pictures lead to porn :/ just so you know and i have like 3 ad blockers
  5. glock with burst fire :kappa: m4 + deagle the best
  6. I never take pictures of myself, but I made an exception for u guys. This is me playing css: P.S.: exo i'd bang you.
  7. Hey all. I've been playing minigames elsewhere for a long time, and I don't really think autobhop is good for mg maps. It's fun sometimes (for soccer, knife fighting...) but it just ruins the gameplay when it comes to courses, actual bhop minigames, longjump, climb, maps like invisibleman, etc. Just my opinion tho, because I'm used to play with other settings and I've barely played here, but I think the autobhop thing should be discussed after a while, or probably change other settings like gravity, acceleration... to balance the game. Again, just a thought. I'll make a proper suggestion thread later with bugs I find and bla bla bla. Sincerely, Dan

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