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Closing CS:S / CS:GO Surf Servers


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Just an quick announcement. We will be closing CS:S and CS:GO Surf servers 1st of December. Those servers has been running for quite an long time,

but has not been very populated nowadays. Instead we will open more CS:GO servers with different mods. Will be making full announcements of what's going on

and what have we been planning for the future of the community! All that coming 1st of December.


Stay tuned! ^_^


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It's a pity :( Ah, I remember those good times when I spent a lot of time there, everything developed to level 1000 and it was just fun. I still remember the atmosphere that could not be felt on any other surf server. I remember some of the players I played with there: Parly, Duffy Duck, Yassin, brian and others. R.I.P.

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:BabyRage:Sad so Surf is closing but from the other hand it`s a good idea because it is dead from half a year and no one enjoys playing there with 2-3 people so I totally agree with closing it and making place for new servers and game modes. I remember when I had nearly 2000 LV every map my score was smth like 100-200 kills and 1-5 deaths getting nearly 2000 pts a day then we were playing 7-8 people per team that was really funny and amazing ! Also, I remember when I was getting up to level up faster because of the reset #Blame @Calig :why_u_no:good old times ! I met some good people there like h1dden,Daffy Duck,yassin,brian,Parly,MHR @VaNsTeR and more and more  funny people ! Sad but yeah it`s time to go on and make new friends and new good experiences ! By the way:KappaPride: @Calig usually forgets about the resets and they come 2-3 days and even weeks later :D:D:D !


Thank you  all good people and :LOLO:(@Calig und @VaNsTeR):thanks:


-focus. :kermit:

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