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Updates - September 1st 2017

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Community changes/updates of the last month.



The forums now have a new 'cleaner' order. All of your suggestions are going to be posted in one place,

and we may still might combine the servers gaming forums together.


2nd Anniversary!

We will be celebrating our Second Anniversary starting 11th of September and ending 17th Sunday!

More information about the schedules and events coming on next Monday morning!


Call Admin

All our servers now have a "CallAdmin" plugin that everyone can use when needed. Admins will receive steam message from bot user and can quickly react to your sent reports. Do not use the plugin without valid reason! Continuous abuse of the system will result in short timeout in all servers.

All server has its own custom and possible reasons that could happen in the server.

Here is an example of zombie Escape call admin reasons:

  • Rejoin as Last Zombie
  • Delaying Round
  • Trolling Items
  • Bug Abuse
  • Bad Spray
  • Mic Spam
  • Aimbot
  • Speedhack
  • Spinhack
  • Multihack

Staff team

Our current team consists of the following members:


@VaNsTeR @abody @XoOM =D @Hichem @-<SAXI>- @Rix :V @L U C I F E R @Slaxxy @DeMoN @focus.


New Plugins

And as many of you have probably noticed some changes to the zombie Escape server.

We've got access to various of plugins like BossHP, Mako EX3Door countdown on screen etc.


Zombie Mod

Some information for our Zombie mod players, I finally found the reason what caused trouble shooting the zombies off from crouch areas. We increased the server's sv_airaccelerate slightly higher a month back, without knowing what it would possibly cause. It took a while to find the cause, but now it's fixed! There is also a new 'background music' on the server and if you have any map suggestions, suggest them in our new suggestion area on forums if you especially have a certain map on our mind!



We're finally bringing back the zombie Escape events, plus more action to the minigame,

as well as other servers if we just came up with something or if you have anything on your mind, let us know!


Particularly we have "invested" much on zombie Escape events. We now have a special page where we keep statistics on which maps we have already won and what is still to be coming. We list all the winners down and record each event on SourceTV, which later and hopefully we can put together a small video clip. And of course, we reward the winner(s) with VIP Status on all our servers, VIP length, depending on the level of difficulty of the map. Info given in event topics. We will introduce you the page and first event on Monday.


CS:GO Zombie Escape

We have FINALLY decided to open the CS:GO Zombie Escape server.

It is currently locked but you can access there with password, if you want to look around.

  • IP87.98.174.44:27027
  • Password: csgoze

Nothing at this moment isn't definitely lasting, we may change a lot of settings, some plugins are missing, and we'll probably change the current skins. Reporting bugs are much appreciated! Everyone who enters the server has FREE VIP (Only CS:GO ZE).


Stay tuned!

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