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How to win at random_v10_fix [ZE] (Any version)

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Alright guys, I made this secret today and actually it was pretty secret, but I will show it to u all.



Tutorial: How to win random_v10_fix (or any version)


Before the tutorial begin, It's not kinda secret, but if the zombies were stupid enough, the humans can win.

(P.S. this secret ONLY can be done when there was 10+ humans alive)


1) Final Boss Level Area.

REDHiding spot (1 humans hide each position) (weapons recommended: TMP)

Stickmans: Some people should stay top of sign to defend from zombies and shoot the boss (weapons recommended: P90/M249)




2) Hiding Spot. (1 person per spot)

Before Bosshttp://image.prntscr.com/image/1741dd19d8004be9841e6d74358e76e7.jpg

Boss Incominghttp://image.prntscr.com/image/995c09a1a81f4dea9e2af048a1f0b666.jpg

Shoot the boss while you hidinghttp://image.prntscr.com/image/dc17917df6724420a3c07a38a3a1a28b.jpg


3) Press the button (1 by 1) (no photos)


Alright, that's all for the tutorial and I hope we can win at random (again) sometimes cuz I already did this trick ( the 4th button) and I did it.


P.S. This tutorial may suck but I hope this helpful.

P.S. Sorry if there anything wrong with my english.





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well nice thinking but since u put it here and everyone can see it then it will bad idea xDD

Anyway Thanks buddy :) 

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Nice job @striker. And the screenshots made it easy to follow


Btw. A second Postscript would be abbreviated as 'PPS', not 'PS' like the first one.

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