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  1. Happy birthday noob:D

  2. aneom

    @XXExodus Some parts realy remind me Christmas tbh. Prety nice dude
  3. aneom

    @DeMoN Ive strarted thinking noone would upload this. Thanks malaka @AET - Vid Im not even mad thats impressive
  4. aneom

    That @Calig, was actualy prety good. it was quite sad at the beggining but then it was good
  5. aneom

    I dont know why I expected a mature answer from the CsFrag community... anyways. @GLORY I think this will be my new alarm clock for Christmas. Thanks for the song @Deadview I would say you to do what the song's title says but i already know you are dead inside so nevermind
  6. What is the song that always reminds you Christmas? Im talking about a song that you might wana hear every year when Christmas come. Mine is this:
  7. aneom

    Hello, Im aneom and I am reporting a blatant cheater named Ветерок(-_-) Name: Ветерок(-_-) SteamID: Im prety sure he is nosteam and i dont know how to get his id Server: Minigame server not too long ago Reason: Aimbot (not sure about wh) Proof: I got a demo You can find the demo here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=00668354902790759461 I wasnt aware of any other ways uploading a file for free. If there is a problem with the file i can always send it to you via email. Or i can record it with obs and send it. If you got any suggestions please contact me. Thank you for your time
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