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  1. Happy Birthday ;)

  2. Wish all you Muslims a Happy Eid

  3. Messi

    1st idea is impossibru. 2nd one is on progress. They have started to do mg events but not zm yet. It will be announced soon
  4. Leaving on july 9 for 3-4 months........................

  5. Messi

    мƦ ♏F ђ Ĩ STEAM_0:1:51271714 MG Game spamming http://rgho.st/6trgQ6mgH
  6. Happpy happy Birthday ;) <3

    1. Messi


      Thanks man but not my birthday .dont know how it happened

  7. Messi


    мƦ ♏F ђ Ĩ STEAM_0:1:51271714 MG Game spamming like hell.He is annoying af .People leave the server because of him.His main job is to spam games,team kill etc.Please BAN him for a long time . Proof 1-http://rgho.st/69QrkJtwS Proof 2-http://rgho.st/6ZBsXdfwm More proof incoming
  8. Messi

    Since Csfrag is trying out new servers i would like to suggest a football server.When i play mg i see many people addicted to football.What do u guys think? If no please say the reason too.
  9. Messi

  10. Messi


    i will get u som screenshots then http://imgur.com/a/WpuNd
  11. name-69.8°F STEAM_0:0:15170265 mg reason disrespect proof-http://stats.cs-frag.com/playerinfo/122363 Read his chat and u guys will under stand .perma gag please lol Very hard to take screenshots of these long chats sorry.
  12. Messi

    Same thing happens here too. I have noticed it.
  13. Got my results .I passeď .^^^^^