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  1. Happy Birthday ;)

  2. Wish all you Muslims a Happy Eid

    1. -JamNass-


      thanks bro

    2. ACE


      Danks my bro

    3. Portal


      Thank You :)

  3. Messi

    1st idea is impossibru. 2nd one is on progress. They have started to do mg events but not zm yet. It will be announced soon
  4. Leaving on july 9 for 3-4 months........................

  5. Messi

    мƦ ♏F ђ Ĩ STEAM_0:1:51271714 MG Game spamming http://rgho.st/6trgQ6mgH
  6. Happpy happy Birthday ;) <3

    1. Messi


      Thanks man but not my birthday .dont know how it happened

  7. Messi

    мƦ ♏F ђ Ĩ STEAM_0:1:51271714 MG Game spamming like hell.He is annoying af .People leave the server because of him.His main job is to spam games,team kill etc.Please BAN him for a long time . Proof 1-http://rgho.st/69QrkJtwS Proof 2-http://rgho.st/6ZBsXdfwm More proof incoming
  8. Messi

    Since Csfrag is trying out new servers i would like to suggest a football server.When i play mg i see many people addicted to football.What do u guys think? If no please say the reason too.
  9. Messi

  10. Messi

    i will get u som screenshots then http://imgur.com/a/WpuNd
  11. name-69.8°F STEAM_0:0:15170265 mg reason disrespect proof-http://stats.cs-frag.com/playerinfo/122363 Read his chat and u guys will under stand .perma gag please lol Very hard to take screenshots of these long chats sorry.
  12. Messi

    Same thing happens here too. I have noticed it.
  13. Got my results .I passeď .^^^^^

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