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  1. Happy Birthday.

  2. Gabriela

    If the votes of the people count Hillary win, look this Hillary 59,166,405 votes Trump 59,029,912 votes
  3. Gabriela

    Donald Trump is love. look this so sweet
  4. Gabriela

    But cs-frag it's only Source games, and i don't know if Calig and Tariq like to make a Habbo server
  5. Gabriela

    You don't know something. Habbo is a game of a big company, if u make one this will be illegal
  6. Gabriela

    Habbo is for Sulake, you can't make other habbo cuz if u make this is illegal!!!
  7. Gabriela

    habbo is bad nobody's like this :v only kids
  8. Gabriela

    habbo??? nope this shit sucks
  9. Gabriela

    I want GMOD server
  10. Gabriela

    Yes mako!!
  11. Gabriela

    @XXExodus This halloween are be the best ????????????????????
  12. Stop comment xd it's a joke...
  13. THIS IS CS-FRAG WITHOUT ELLEY THIS IS CS-FRAG WITH ELLEY It's a joke please don't comment hate things @Calig
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