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  1. Leon

    M4A1S,AK47,AWP,Glock =]
  2. Leon

    If will try to find a video, for the map that Im talking to show you what I mean. PS is cs go but the map is the same https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-_aqSY6r2A
  3. Leon

    I played the same maps here and in one other server I think its impossible to win 100 levels (in some maps) without those things for the time.Play a litte bit and you will see.Exodus, read the first post again, where did see "im pro" ? Don't just spam around if you dont have someting important to say. PS: Look here
  4. Leon

    Hello everyone Last time i play mini games on cs go and i try this server now and i have 2 ideas. 1. Auto Bhop - its very helpful to get trough the levels, more fun also. 2. Parachutes - very,very useful also to get trough the levels.I even think its impossible or very hard to play without it.
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