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  1. TwiSteR45

    and i want say to you somthing. i cant respect u .final i respect just the good admins no the nabs admins and ejoy with my permant mute and gag ¨¨ --rep
  2. TwiSteR45

    idk why u choose admin bacause u dont have any exper u are just ban ban mute mute that why a big number of players let zm try to get up like the other admins and ejoy u are mythe u need to say to saxi or other .. to techt u how u can get up ur fuckiing ... nab down^^
  3. TwiSteR45

    @n798293eon i respect the other admins and u have i am a good friend of players in zm jsut some idiots who said thats i use script now .
  4. TwiSteR45

    Name: TwiSteR SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1295690843 Server: zombie mod Admin: N3ON47 What happened: because i say to him uthat he is noob bhop and i want kill him plus i said to him niigeer but after 10sec i say soory bacause this word is just for joking and i remember that saxi say to me dont say this word again that why i say soory bt he ... so i need help
  5. TwiSteR45

    very very nice and goood admin<3
  6. hi man i want you yes in last i am noob but now no can u take me in ZH without vip you can^^  i ca n bhop and///////////


    backup in z mode plzzz 

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