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  1. Happy Birthday! :kermit:

  2. eXcisioN

    I like that yoi made the props being destroyed by zombies update its great for zombies now they have a chance ans for zprops it can be the same knife hits as default props so zombies can destroy zprops too
  3. eXcisioN

    zombies can break props by knifing it
  4. Hi i have a suggestion for improving zm server, add zprops in the server so humans can make good places with it and a lot of servers has it
  5. eXcisioN

    "If you have no-steam version of the steam" LOL what does that even mean
  6. eXcisioN

    where are the winners of the events?
  7. eXcisioN

    i haven't cleaned mine since 2 years lol
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