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i checked the map very careful , full of spots to camp , but not impossible for zombies , balanced map gg , but i dont like the CTs spawn , almost closed place from 3 sides and narrow , idk if that depends on the server .

and the name of the map when u play it is zm_isolatedplatform_a1 and not  zm_oceanrig .

@Calig plz add it

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Looking good, no missing textures from my view. One thing you need to fix are the spawn points, they're stuck on the ground.

"Invalid counterterrorist spawnpoint at (-276.7,196.0,196.0)..." same for few Terrorist spawn. Hard to say are there enough places for all the players,

and there might be few places that I'm not sure about.. how OP they are for humans. But it seemed nice, just fix the spawns so we can test it on the server ;)

Nice work.

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