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  1. You? :kappa: Congraz, Happy B'day! ;) 

  2. happy birthday ^_^

  3. AltairylioN

    rule 3 : on ur flasher when u turn
  4. AltairylioN

    seems interesting tbh
  5. AltairylioN

    u want me to fap everytime i turn on my pc ?
  6. AltairylioN

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i think of the days where i was using my core 2 duo to yektima at 20 fps.
  7. AltairylioN

    THX MANGGGGG i love ya. Desktop background set !
  8. AltairylioN

    SEXY AF. Can u pls make one like that (or sexier xD) for this word : ★AltaïrylioN★ so i can use it as desktop background
  9. AltairylioN

    Lol man xD
  10. AltairylioN

    My core 2 duo is bein upgraded to i5 . El Godchoo
  11. AltairylioN

    we will fail feywood hard tho, we wont even reach 3rd level.
  12. AltairylioN

    no its just that the map is not that good but ok...Nazad. kek
  13. AltairylioN

    surf sahok made by sahok the russian cyka bad map, vote serpentis. slender on friday plis.
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