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  1. L1feDRAIN

    Oh, boi
  2. How are you going to make more money with less players? (less donations?) And yep, as I use no-steam CS:S: Allahu Aiaka.
  3. L1feDRAIN

    I enumerated 7 of infinite situations. Enjoy being disagreed for your whole life. Can I ask you first the same question? Someone deleted my response to your words, now I just wrote this. hah :x
  4. L1feDRAIN

    Da faq.. wat am I doin'? 6. Another situation: SOLO.
  5. L1feDRAIN

    You both think.. I don't agree. From all servers I have played, (russian and eng, not 1 or 10) it's the first one where I saw pure bhopers, and how cancerous it is.
  6. L1feDRAIN

    I hope not anymore.
  7. L1feDRAIN

    The B-HOP plugin doesn't restrict the bhop, it just blocks the jump for whose who spam jumping, like in a vent. when you're a zm, ducked and to avoid being pushed by bullets, you spam jumping, there he blocks, I know. And a question: How to use bhop in a way that it will not to be for your own opportunity? Hah.. =))
  8. L1feDRAIN

    Hello community team, I'm here to say some arguments why I suggest to deny the bhop. BHOP is a bug abuse, you think Valve made css for bunnies? It's just a misswork and people from the ZE server use it as f.. but it's not right, because it gives potentional that other doesn't have, because they can't do it, bhop isn't a standard criterion for ZE to be in the positions with pros, for ZE is necessary to duck-jump, deffending skills and to run faster ANOTHER BUG, the W+D/A in about 30 grades, well, it's a more easier bug to do and it just gives a little more speed to run, in the time when BHOP gives a lot more CHEAT potential, here i enumerated some: 1. Lack of human's deffense, a zombie just stays in another room gaining speed from bhop and rapidly jumps to the humans, how they can react? They were shooting the badboys with no problems and BOOM, a flying zombie, it's like a traitor pushed him with a knife, is it normal? 2. Humans can run a lot faster, because in a long hallway, there are the "bhopers" who triggers all the doors and deffers who just keep zombies from bhop, in result zombies have no chance to reach the humans, it's again anormal. 3. Bhop is a bug, as I know bugs are forbidden, don't really remember but hey, WHO ALLOWS BUGS ON THEIR SERVER? 4. Unbalance, not because one is noob and one is pro, the poor man learned everything about ze, and now he stucks with bunnies who let him behind and he just has to save his life. 5. Another situation: you're a human who runs down a hill, upper are zombies, THEY JUST JUMP AND GAIN A LOT OF SPEED AND FLY TO YOU, YOU SHOOT EVERYWHERE, NO BULLET HIT THEM, GG. 6. Another situation: SOLO. 7. Another situation: You're the last human, you have the chance to escape, there are a lot of zombies behind you, you push them spamming !m237 (random numbers), you can do it! and there we go, a flying zombie in a second jumped the whole way without getting a bullet, and the poor guy gets a flying zombie in his eyes, because he was focused on "normal" zombies, not "flyers" or stronger: cheaters, not because they use programs, it's just cheating. And more, make the bunnyhop forbidden! (for ZE) I HOPE YOU WILL UNDERSTAND ME, THANK YOU. Still thinking you will answer "we will take a decision, nice suggestion" a day, a week, a month, nothing. Still optimist, hope it will not be, I really want this server to be balanced.
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