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Usefull binds for you


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Hi, i will show you some bind's you may want to use while you're playing ze. its pretty useful and a pro tip PS: VID APROVED.

So first of all you need to enable your console by going to:


Option>Keyboard>advanced> and Select the 2. option – “Enable developer console (~)"


after that press ~ which is suppose to be down escape button 

and now it appear a big chat box we type inside our command: 


bind [key] "your text" 


I recommend using a gaming mouse which has more buttons than normal one like razer mouses

so for example: 


bind mouse5 sm_p90

bind mouse4 sm_he

bind v zr_ztele (its way to faster and better than typing it)


and now for fast jumps or bhoping you better use your mousewheel by doing that all you gonna do is 


bind mwheeldown +jump


Enjoy   :KappaPride:  :kappa:  :kermit:

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