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CS-Frag T-Shirt by me


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I have wanted to make this topic for years now, but some reason I never did. So here it is!

I was going abroad for the first time (Malta) doing my internship in 2017 and I was there for two months. I got a job from advertising agency (on my request)

and got to do the basics stuff that advertising agencies usually do (Embroidery, printing, graphic design, t-shirts..)

At the end of my internship, I was asked to make something for myself and I chose to make few T-Shirts,

as one being the one I want to show you!


I started off making the logo in Adobe Illustrator, from where it was taken to another program for the embroidery Design Shop Pro+.

This program determines the needle density, thread colors, speed, angles and more advanced stuff. After all being done from software side,

it was time to prepare the T-Shirt for the machine. We put the shirt into a frame, so it doesn't move during the progress. Insert it into machine, and start it.

And we have finished our shirt. Small logo at front, 2 pistols on sleeves and one huge logo at the back.


Overall, the trip was a great experience and I had a lot of fun!


LUvDrq9.jpg    SWHaKun.jpg    vWvfQlX.jpg

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