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  1. SniPer

    @Fouzy At least she won't spam mics in the future...Congrats ! :")
  2. SniPer

    Happy B-day ! 
    Thank god I visited this dead website today...

    1. DOC


      Thanks bro ;)


  3. SniPer

    Nice work
  4. SniPer

    Hmmmm...I won't be able to join at that time Have fun !
  5. Happy B-Day a zah :vv

  6. SniPer

    @Calig bruh that zm_wingman_v3 doesn't even exist LOL
  7. SniPer

  8. Happy B-Day!!! :kermit:

    1. Hichem


      Thanks mate :kermit:

  9. SniPer

    Can I give my VIP to someone ? cuz i'm already VIP
  10. SniPer

    Hello, I wanna know why mute/gag applied in all servers...for example I got a mute/gag in zm so why should I be muted/gagged in ze & mg ? that's good if i'm cheating but i'm not...I just had some problems with an admin ! Anyway that's was my suggestion.
  11. SniPer

    Think before posting
  12. SniPer

    Happy B-day mate ! Rush B !

    1. WickedSick


      Hİ Bro




  13. Happy B-day !

    1. Ismail lilou

      Ismail lilou

      Thank you  :)


  14. Happy b-day :partypopper:

  15. Happy birthday ;)

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