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game's over

Best bhop style?

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I just tried this server today cause i wanna try bhop.

I want to know something :

I tried few options such as autobhop normal legit, and i really get the impressions thoses options help you to bhop nicely.

I wanted to know which option in !style makes you jumping the most realistic ?


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Hey @game's over


Past these days, many is doing /au(on other servers its /n). This is an example on a run with /au.





/n is scrolling with sv_enablebunnyhopping 1 and /le is sv_enablebunnyhopping 0, legit is much harder than /n.


So if you was thinking doing SW or sth like that, you can simply try learn HSW and W first, since i really recommend it. Because there is no way you can learn SW so fast :P


Hope this could help you, i was really unsure about your question, but hopefully i answered it.


Your Sincerely





Hyperscrolling/Bhop Script on Legit or Normal isnt allowed, read /rules. Breaking this rule will result ban.

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