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  1. Back to my old profile now ok :D

  2. I am really sorry my stupidity, I have never hacked on the server before damn I have never hacked anywhere, and I didnt knew that using scripts is not allowed. I have been a faithful player of this server and it would be heartbreaking if I wont be able to play on this server anymore . My A-hole friend Akber gave me this bhop shit, I didnt knew it would get me a ban, I really regret my act and I promise If I get another change to make my place in this server I will never hack. I have many friends in this server whom I dont want to leave. I would be grateful of admins if they help me out and unban me. Name:RazorAkAmAd SteamID:STEAM_0:0:1199344973 Server:CS-Frag.com :: Zombie Mod (7/64) GameME Admin:CONSOLE What happened: SMAC AutoTrigger Detection: BunnyHop