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    prohvfessional csgo palyer. has play csgo finlandia tournaments!! bestestest css minigameplayers in there server, no chanllenkers!

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  1. noni smooti is a big boy now hb

  2. Happieeee birthday :)

  3. smootti

    Copyright strike incoming
  4. Happy Birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. smootti

    1vs1 me on csgo, if you can beat me you are pro enough. Go watch some videos and become "the pro" you described above. It does not work like that, you need to have experience to be succesful.
  7. smootti

    May contain some loud noices, listen on your own responsibility. Not me tho https://pics.ebinkisut.eu/late_hakkaa_turrettia.mp3
  8. Wish you an amazing B-Day! Dance like no body is watching :P

  9. smootti

    I really hope that SW thing is the mousepad insted of the razer one