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  1. Happy B-day ^^ !

  2. happy birthday :)

  3. Happy B'Day! :) 

  4. Happy B-Day El Magnificent! ;)

  5. Happy B'Day! Say hi to Bruno :)

  6. Happy Birthday!!!

  7. Happpy happy Birthday ;) <3

  8. I want a pizza

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    2. El Machoo

      El Machoo

      Guys believe me... El mag will eat the whole pizza himself before u even catch a look at it. That's how he get dem vegan GAIINZZZZ lmfao

    3. Tariq
    4. El Magnificoo

      El Magnificoo

      hahahahhahaha not vegan tho

  9. I want to eat a pizza

  10. I want to eat a pizz

  11. El Magnificoo

    My favourite food is Taco and favourite drink is a cold corona (or Lav pivo) xD
  12. El Magnificoo

    lol I just read the roleplay between leda and alex. LOL is all I got xD
  13. El Magnificoo

    In reality, all I got is the same shit as macho, the same old pc, a mouse from Elkjøp and earplugs for a headset. gg altair
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