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  1. mantasst194

    you dont deserve any kind of respect. Respect for what?? Ban for no proof? Ban from air? u like a little girl, listening other girls cryings but no logic in yours steps. To exxodus, I not requst for unban, cause this idiotic girl earlier do the same shit and nobody cares, still shes admin and do the same Its funny cause its like robots server That kid when grow up will be good Mcdonalds workers Its the brightest version, cuz logic things is far far away from her. ALSO like I say girl not explain any bans reasons, just talking about respect. ok, that this system is definely rotten, nice life kid, which u (probably) newer will have.
  2. mantasst194

    In nowadays (this server) in banning reason you can type want you want, cause nobody cares, but still is full area to ban. Get ban with this reason: "Being one of a hell troll. Blocking buttons. Blocking people with props. Bad language." With NO demo, and banning situation was that I was (ze_lotr_mount_doom_v3) on the top of stairs, and stay here. I also not have ring, ring was felt on the ground. So I get ban with this reason :DDD Vunster again being kid (or actually she is, probably yes, cause shes avatar seems very possible). She bans everytime me for nothing. Just explain how this text realated with situation. I am troll? What is a troll? Standing safe on the top, or just suicide jumping down? Is being troll means being safe? why should player suicide? No logic, in her kiddy vanster head. How became admin. Cause hasnt brains, is little scarry girl, or what? (its just a question) Where I block buttons, and how to block people :DDD My language still better than her, and average server language. Why banning when somebody crying without any proof? Why abody saying I always trolls, but have NO proof, only somebody guns with item falls in hell. And erytime shes right, cause kid has admin. Why admins are kids, not old players, why in EUFRAG times I dont get bans, but here always shes banning. Why nobody bans rankwhore reconectors, like mr. cs and others? OK, just think what u dedicate as admins.
  3. mantasst194

    U guys or mostly girls must be stupid or drunk In that photo clearly see that in map, one human is running to the elevator, so I just help to him, but noobs doorhugers like abody dont see others players, only himself. Second prove that I drop the KEY??? SO FOR NO PROOF 1 MONTH BAN :DD only her crying and talk that I do something wrong isnt proof. Newbie admin maybe ban all, cause I can talk the same about others, like noob abody, or rankwhore mr. cs and etc. Still server is almost dead, for exaple now 6 players :DD With that banning politic soon play only admins, cause nobody want to play whres banning for nothing. So maybe somebody explains?? But I dont expect cause this server politic is to ban but not to make server more atractive to play and make full all day like in good old times. Like I say go play with yourself
  4. mantasst194

    Propaganda is for explain things which u dont understand. These teammates behide anyway didnt survive cause they toooo slow, so i saved others, yeah too slow didnt survive, but common they didnt have a chance to survive. U call word idiot a bad behaviour, u must be fresh in science, common please a bit read books.
  5. mantasst194

    I call her a kid just for my prediction of his erudition level, it seems to be very young. Male i dont know, so from nickname it seems a girl from my country language. Form for report admin, not for the ban?? common i just wanna report, not to ban. I PLAY IN THIS SERVER from the start, when it was EUFRAG, and newer was THESE kind things. Idiot its not insult, please read some books. Its very very old world and it have history. P.s sorry for the post in the row, i dont know how to quate more than one post.
  6. mantasst194

    I not insult you, like i say i said the truth, i just cant respect that sprays from my politic viewpoint.
  7. mantasst194

    I think all know that player vanster, so format especially i go not for the ban, just for the truth. Second i wasNT rude at all, i was angry how nobrainers believe propaganda, i just say the truth that russia killing people in the Ukraine. And I not trolled with earth, cause that round ct wins, also i that earth stops zombies and humans survive. Yes some was tooooo slow and die, but i cant rescue all the players. You KID, cause your erudition level is so low, you ban for "bad behaviour", just for i told u an idiot, but u even didnt know what is real meaning of this word.
  8. Hey people, i would like u anounce that one admin (kid Vanster) is doing that she wants, kicking and banning for no reason. First she gagged me for no reason, just for the truth, i saw inappropriate spray, which was by jamnas, which glorify source of terrorism. I type that all knows, that russia invade the Ukraine, they occupy some territory of Ukraine (Crimea). That all West countries admits. Ofcourse russia has own gun - propaganda, its easy to effect nobrainers. Second she twice kicked me from the server for no reason, as she claims for using the earth but that round i saved the team and win round so wtf. After kick i say that kid she is idiot, and kick me. Why? Why kids dont know the real meaning of word idiot, that its comes from ancient greeks. so she bans me for half an hour when i say that i post u in the forums. So I think that kind kids cant be admins, doing that things for no reason. I add sreenschots from the console. politic truth kicking for ancient greece word Banning when i say i post it
  9. mantasst194

    oooh comon, i know that spray is that person, cause he sprays ir everywhere, and its nots first time that he sprays it.... common everyone are pist of that childism with porn sprays in css servers
  10. mantasst194

    For porn spray no ban ????? wtf?
  11. mantasst194

    Hello, I have to report player Your Name, cause he always reconecting as he be 1 zombie, trolling and also sprays porn sprays Name: Your name Id: [u:1:728131072] Server: ze Reason: at least now can prove his sprays ... Proof: Image : http://pasteboard.co/2MHIpktl.jpg
  12. mantasst194

    I think this demo, but maybe his second round this glitch: demo: http://www.filedropper.com/another yes, its another round of his glitching the map, but his clan friend demo maybe i just not saved ....
  13. mantasst194

    so from now everybody can glitching maps??? or just him ?? he do that several times like his clan friend.
  14. mantasst194

    Hello, another guy exploiting map, add link to demo here: http://www.filedropper.com/idiot Nick: ΣPČ|AΣT-̷ Hardskill NoCheat
  15. mantasst194

    Hello, its legal to use programs which allow to bunnyhoping, quicker running and other stuff. I am talking about the program AUTOHOTKEY? One person obviously uses it, cause u can see bigger spaces between words, and also he admit what he uses it. I am adding console sreenshot. http://pasteboard.co/1XaGOG7G.png
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