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  1. ParadOx-

    Yes, please! I really need it badly.
  2. Does anyone know or have a muzzle flash skin that removes your muzzle flash in game with world models? Because whenever people starts to stick together and fire at the same time their muzzle flashes causes my CSS to drop to 30-40 fps. So yeah, just comment down below if you know anything about it.
  3. ParadOx-

    I was warned before, but I didn't listen. I never took it seriously because I didn't know the punishment would be that harsh. Now that I've experienced I won't do it again. Please give me another chance.
  4. ParadOx-

    Name: Pineapple Pizza SteamID: U:1:293005396 Server: [CS-Frag.com] Zombie Mod Admin: N3ON47 What happened: I used hyperscroll again . Can you give me another chance please?
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