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  1. Amine Ess

    okay welcome back
  2. Amine Ess

    what do you mean
  3. Amine Ess

    hi, i just want to tell about mod he is hide and seek, i give thing for a special day example halloween and chrismas, and this mod you can say for zombie mod when CT: find a place to hide and ZOMBIE:inefection CT, this is my thing to have fun in the server
  4. Amine Ess

    hi everybody ? I WANT To tell proplem when enter another server zombie ecape if i enter say connection failed after 4 retries how to fix it please and happy new yar
  5. Amine Ess

    mine is css and cs go and halo and crysis 2
  6. Amine Ess

  7. Amine Ess

    where ?
  8. Amine Ess

    plz how to activate my member ship in the game , i have a new pc and backto my account
  9. Amine Ess

    im leave game cuz im hated my life and lag and low fps proplem and aaaaaaaa.what is the map of the event
  10. Amine Ess

    how ?
  11. Amine Ess

    can add game nosteam to the steam and play in others server ?
  12. Amine Ess

    download maps link ?
  13. Amine Ess

    nothing here best just rejected best thank yooooooooooooou man my game is nosteam and i dont have common file ?
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