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new shroomforest_v4_5

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hi everyone!

what are the difference between the old shroomforest we used to play in and the new one in the nomilist i played the map and i didn't see any changes...

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i noticed the description of the items and the more time of defending now if there's more things please share

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Read from here:



We had like the very first version of the map v3

after time Moltard took over Taskuvara's map and decided to improve it


Changelog 4.2 --> 4.3

  • Player getting stuck in elevator part of lvl2 will get teleported once you reach the boss
  • Ext2 laser, are now 1/3 Crouch and 2/3 Jump (source randomization is so bad, and that should make the end of the level a little easier)
  • Fixed one cooldown in Entwatch config (Mines was 2 sec instead of 3)
  • Last Level, if zombie pass the line while the grid is closing, it wont trigger the Win

Changelog 4.3 --> 4.4

  • CT who fall from the elevator for no real reason (maybe doorhug), get teleported back in the elevator
  • Fixed a glitch during boss1
  • Added trees from Shroomforest2 during the level7 (i couldnt remove the Level2 tree from the skybox like I wanted, so dont take attention to that detail during the last level)
  • Renamed the level7 (???) to "A new beginning"
  • The congratulation level (after the level7) is a quick zm mod in Shroomforest2 spawn
  • Fixed mine cooldown in Entwatch config again (4 seconds to be sure it dont waste one mine)

Changelog 4.4 --> 4.4fix

  • Forgot to pack the boxes (red error in the Shroom2 spawn, after you beat the map)
  • I Didn't pack the correct entwatch cfg (wrong Ammo id and Ultima cooldown)
  • The tree is now killed when you reach Shroomforest2 spawn (thanks .george)
  • "EXTREME MODE" instead of "EXTREME MOD"

Changelog 4.4fix --> 4.5

  • Removed the packed cfg. All commands are executed by the map.
  • Admin Room: Replaced a old texture of music with the correct one
  • Item: The freeze sound of the mines is not anymore dependant of the Ice (it wouldnt play if Ice wasnt spawned)
  • Lvl2: Fixed missing texture under the elevator
  • Ext2: Fixed ghastly attack stopped completly with gravity trick
  • Ext2: Fixed the message "DITTO IS USING TRANSFORM" when boss is dead
  • Ext2: Water now go down faster after boss death
  • Ext3: Made doors, elevator kill if you try to block them
  • Ext3: Added an animation for Satan's laser
  • Level7: Elevator grid open faster to make the cover a little harder
  • Level8: Fixed "Quick ZM Mod" with "Quick ZM Mode"
  • Level8: Added a new music during that mode (Donkey Kong Barrel Blast - Jungle Level 1)

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