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Here's another one of my maps. The server surprisingly has an ancient version of this map (beta3a) that was actually never supposed to be public, it was only a playtest map on one server over 10 years ago. The crappy parkour with the lava pit was a placeholder for the Resident Evil laser corridor that hadn't been implemented yet. It's so old that I actually don't have the map source to that version anymore.


Beta3d has numerous changes over the original alpha. It's a lot more polished detail wise, and has some slight layout changes to make it more balanced for zombies. There's also a few new secrets and secret routes.


I also made a custom navigation mesh, so the zombies won't get stuck if they go in a teleporter. CS:S bots unfortunately weren't programmed to be able to use teleporters, so they won't use them unless they accidentally run into them, but at least they can get out of the basement if they go in. The navmesh is integrated into the BSP, so no separate nav file is needed.







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You created this map? Wow! One of the iconic zm maps. The lava parkour used to be overpowered for humans to camp, the laser room suits perfectly.

Glad to see the map received the final touch to it. Added to server, old version removed :HYPERS:

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I didn't make the original map (zm_base_day/zm_base_winter), someone named Moo made those. I just did a ground up remake of the map to fix all of the issues that it had, and give it a big facelift. Beta3a through beta3d are all my work.


I primarily do remakes of old maps and/or ports of maps from other games. These are ground up remakes and ports that take months of work to do, not to be confused with shitty decompile edits that the Source mapping community is known for.


The reason I can shotgun release these is because I made them over 10 years ago. Many haven't been publicly released, or have had very limited public releases on just a few servers. I still have a few more maps I can post here, they just need to be checked out to make sure any Source updates since then haven't broken something and have custom navigation meshes made for the bots. If you've played zm_downtown_night, you'll probably notice that the bots use ladders and go places where you normally wouldn't see them. Source can generate a basic navmesh, but it won't map ladders or areas only accessible by ladders, or jumping obstacles. It's why most of the maps on your server have the bots just congregate on the lowest areas of the map. It can take a few hours to add all of the available areas for bots to use to a custom navmesh, but it's well worth it. It makes bots real hazards, they can sneak up on you when you don't expect it, instead of how it is now where you can just get on a ledge and shoot down at them.

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