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Hello eufrag members,


My name is jim I'm 23 years young and I hereby apply as admin on the " Zombie Revival | Unlimited Ammo " server.

I am aware that I do not play so long on this server but I know myself very well as an admin because I could gather years of experience I other clans / communities.


I was active as HeadAdmin at:




Gamers of Germany / GoG


I was active as GameAdmin at:


Gaming Biatch




I am still active since 2016:


GunGame Elite


I would be very happy if I can help to keep the zombie server clean and protected from hackers/cheaters.

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Currently there are no plans for expanding the admin team.

We will keep your application in mind and might even approach you when the time comes.

Thanks for applying!

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Then I look forward to hearing from you and I will continue to stay Active on the servers and also on the forum. :kermit:

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