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SurF RPG - XP Competition 6.12. - 14.12.2017 (CS:S)

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6.12. - 13.12.2017



#1 @GeorgeWasHere - 1 Month VIP

#2 SSIN - 2 Weeks VIP (Register on forums to claim your reward)

#3 @Mr Zippy - 1 Week VIP



SurF RPG Final Event


We will be closing our SurF RPG servers (CS:S & CS:GO) 13th of December, but before that,

I want to encourage everyone to challenge themselves, and take part in the event.

We will organize XP competition starting off   6.12. - 14.12.2017!


407e4bb252.png    3969f469a5.png


The server has been modified especially for this event! FFA Enabled (Free For All), so you will be playing against all players!

Spawning will happen in random places around the map. Credits for @Rix :V helping to place the spawns.

And the map will be surf_greatriver_xdre4m (Download) through the whole event.


During the event General Server rules apply, and beside them only one rule:

Teaming up to warm XP is not allowed. We will be following the whole XP Log progress.

If we caugh players doing this, they will be automatically banned from the competition.


Players will also have FREE VIP on the server (Only surF). Type !vip to see all available commands.

You're also able to play as one of the characters below! Type !models to open models menu.






The competition will end 14th of December 00:00 AM (CET Time).

Players in-game will be kicked and server permanently closed.


The #3 players with most XP Gained till 14th of December will be rewarded with VIP Status!

#1 - 1 Month  #2 - 2 Weeks  #3 - 1 Week


Go Go Go!!

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  • Removed Medic Upgrade
  • Removed Denial Upgrade
  • Restricted M249 Weapon
  • Reduced Firerate Upgrade MAX lvl from 10>3
  • Reduced Gravity Upgrade MAX lvl from 10>5
  • Added a plugin to show distance to nearest player
  • Added 2 new maps to server: surf_buzzkill2surf_mai_redone
  • Enabled random mapcycle. One round will last for 30 minutes.

All XP has been automatically refunded to all players if they had upgrades on Firerate/Gravity.

Thanks for @Rix :V Removing the jail doors.

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Thanks for the event loved playing on the server while it was up and had a lot off fun :) hope some day you will maybe bring it back

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Server has been now closed and winners of the XP competition added on first topic.

GG Everyone!

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Thank you for the event I have been very nice on the surf I am very happy I have spent the best here and hope some day we can get to play ^_^:heart:


Too Sorry fot the English if you did not understand:):)

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