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  1. Thx guys for the feedback! @Fouzy I know the rules and I know you are a good admin. Nobody said something against my macro for months so to be honest I was disappointed that you now ban people for that. It was fun to bhop sometimes on boring maps but I understand your point of view as admin as well! @The RUMPLESTILSKIN Maybe they are not on bhop server because only hopping is boring At least thats my opinion. And I guess it was you who mentioned to set enablebunnyhop=1 on ZE-Server. The thing with hyperscroll is, when u have a mouse with free spinning wheel there is no way to not hyperscroll since the wheel is very heavy. Im not proud of it. A macro was my solution for the broken wheel of my Roccat Kone (for the price the wheel is real crap and alot of owner complain about) because the cordless Logitech MX500 is, except of the free spinning wheel, cancer for CSS. @VaNsTeR Thank you for the long reply and your explanations. I use for macros the Logitech G15 keyboard which let me define a bunch of keystrokes. Then you bind that to a G-Key which are on the left keyboardside. Actually it presses spacebar multiple times so I still need to wave hard and strafe. The thing with bhopping is, if you are good you have alot of advantages which others could also gain with macros (not scripts which is a big difference because only pressing a button to bhop with macro wont work!) but since its forbidden we could also disable bunnyhop on ZE-server. As I explained above, I use keyboard-key with macro and not the wheel since I won't break the mousewheel again (I have now Roccat Kone EMP) The video is great! Now I can activate admoon-hax as well! Yes the high ping is a double-edged sword because alot of frequent players have high pings and to block them would be sad. I will try to support you in future and report annoying players. I know you admins do that in your freetime and I really appreciate that!
  2. First, i wasn't sure where I should create that topic because it's moreless a general topic and contains all. Suggestions, hate, love and questions. Let me start with the reason why I play on CS-Frag. In the beginning I played here, at UNLOZE and RU servers but I felt in love with u guys because I like funny ppl and the lack of autism here. You are friendly, servers are not running with alot of shit plugins and performance is good. Also a really big plus from my side were the minimal rules. They are omnypresent but there arent alot of selfmade sheriffs who ban for a misplaced wall, a russian word and things like that. But recently that changed. Im speaking about Bhop. Until now, a bit bhopping was allowed which I really appreciated because defending needs more skill and maps getting more interesting. Now, alot of players get banned with reason Bhop Script. See SourceBan Fact is that server rules forbid Scripts, Macros & Hyperscroll. Scripts are not allowed, thats cheating. But what about macros or mouses with free spinning wheel? Personaly I use macros to buy Nades and Weapons because all keys which would be free for keybind are not really reachable. I also use a macro to jump and when I play on Laptop, the free spinning wheel from Logitech MX500 to jump. Now when I use admins are speaking about bhop script which it isnt clearly. It is really disgusting if some hardware features are allowed and other are devilished. Now I want a clear answer about usage of keyboard/mouse advantages (or should we invent a rule "only MS Intelly Mouse & Cherry keyboard allowed"?) and bhop in general? Further why should a skilled bhopper be allowed to bhop where all others get banned? This leads my to a point which angers me more and more. We have rules on server but some of them are ignored regularly like mic spamming, talking & chatting in weird languages the whole time or rejoin. Sometimes this leads to a ban or gag but only for short time also after multiple short bans before. Generally those guys are often CS-Frag members but behave like assholes and never get a real punishment. Some have 10 or more bans in history but still trolling, speaking in other langs etc. The fact that those are members really annoys me because I start thinking that they are only members to benefit from features on server. (off topic but why are Members faster than VIPs?) My last point are highpingers. It often happens to me that I got knived by a 5m meele because of high ping from those players. Until now I could deal with it because I can bhop 2-3 jumps to gain more space after defend. Now I run and get knived by invisible zombie which makes me raging since I have a ping between 5-20ms which means Im a easy victim. To conclude, I love CS-Frag but I am worried about future and confused about what's allowed and what is not. I would like to see in future servers with minimal rules which are equal for all and alot of proud members! Despite of all hate and critism I'd like to apreciate the very good work of admins and maintainers of servers.