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  1. Acid

    now that u stated i have been ignorant of my skin files all i have done is copy and paste im gonna delete all and re add one by one again and make sure not to mix offline files in the folder and also those unrelated texture files and see how it works. since im on non steam im gonna have to do some research before i make changes to my css thanks a lot for pointing out the importance of "online and "offline" categories i have been stressing over this
  2. Acid

    can someone help me out with this what part to remove that related to "recoil scripts" without deleting my all custom skins? thanks in advance
  3. Happy birthday!

    1. Hichem


      Thank you mate :)

  4. Acid

    There is actually a plugin to kick people who ping mask. After they correct their pingmasking they will be kicked again for high ping hah
  5. Happy Birthday ;)

  6. Happy birthday :)

  7. Acid

    Thanks a bunch whoever created this its a time saver
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